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Beautiful New Banner!

This banner was made for the story on another site. It's so breathtaking!!! Thanks, Debra! So here it is:

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Set Back

When something doesn't feel right, doesn't click, or simply doesn't take the story in the direction I've intended, I had to edit much of chapters 3 and 4. Some of it you won't even recognize and there are things I put in. So to conclude please ignore the previous chapters I posted and as soon as I'm done I'll post the new and improved chapters. Thank you for your patience :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Chapter 3. Bad Romance (Cont.)

I raced home to prepare for my date with Gerard. He was going to come for me at five o’clock. I decided to curl my hair since my streaks would be more noticeable that way. After I finished doing my hair, I chose a pair of white short shorts and a pink blouse. I wore my one carat stud earrings Gerard had once complimented. He came on time but as usual I wasn’t quite ready. I wore black high tops since we were going to the park and I didn’t want my heels to sink into the moist grass. One word: embarrassing! Especially if I needed his help getting free, or if I walked around the park like an idiot with clumps of mud stuck to my heels.
Gerard greeted my parents warmly, working his charm. He was very confident of himself. This was the first thing I noticed when I saw him. And he still was. And that was something I loved about him. Confidence radiated control, and control was what I liked.
“Bye, Mom, Dad,” I said over my shoulder as I towed my boyfriend out the door, apparently against his will. “I’ll be home before nine-thirty.” My curfew changed according to what day of the week (or, in this case, weekend) it was. Since it was Sunday, and there was school the following day, I was due home earlier than usual.
Gerard opened the door for me and I climbed in, smiling the entire time. I wasn’t in love with him, I knew this, but there was something about him that just made me smile. He completed my circle somehow. . . . He was the missing piece in my jigsaw puzzle. Money, fame, and a boyfriend. Sure, my family was crumbling like a badly constructed sandcastle but in the public eye, we were a perfect family. As long as people continued believing that I was okay. Everything that matteredI had.
As he took the seat next to me I noticed that something off almost instantly. The smile he wore with my parents swiftly disappeared. He started the engine without a word or a glance in my direction. What the hell? I tried countless times during the torturous voyage to the park to start up a conversation but he simply mumbled a one-worded response. I finally stopped trying and slumped down in my seat, surrendering into silence as well. Two could play this game.
Once we arrived at the park he pulled up next to a fire hydrant and got out without even bothering to open the door for me. By the time I caught up with him, I was ready to choke the life out of him with my bare hands. But that wasn’t necessary. He interrupted my thoughts of violence with diplomatic words. It was so like him to do so.
“Should we sit here or near the ” he began.
“I don’t give a shit,” I snapped. “What the hell is going on?!”
He looked away, his hands completely submerged in his pockets. “We have to talk. About us,” he confessed.
I froze, my anger disappeared within seconds. “Are you breaking up with me?” I whispered, suddenly chilled to the bone.
I frantically searched my brain for any and all reasons that he might have to want to break up with me. The only one’s I found that came even remotely close to cause a break-up seemed to trivial to even bother with. Oh my gosh, this better not be a “it’s not you, it’s me” sort of situation.
No one spoke.
“Gerard?” I prompted impatiently as I shifted uneasily from foot to foot, hoping that he wouldn’t notice how my legs had begun to shake.
“Something happened over the summer, Amb. I met someone. And I think it’s time that we
Whoa, whoa. “You cheated on me?!” In less than five seconds, the anger was back. I could stand on my own now.
He froze. “I haven’t
“Gerard, stop!” I threw my hands up, exasperated. No excuses, just the truth. Isn’t that what cheated-on girlfriends wanted? “Who was it?”
He looked away. “It doesn’t matter.”
“Who. Was. It?” I said through clenched teeth.
“Megan,” he sighed.
“Oh that b
“Amber, please.”
Before I knew what I was doing, I crossed the small distance separating us and slapped him as hard I possibly could. He stared incredulously at me, his eyes wide with shock. I had never lost control like that. Ever. And he knew it. Oh, shit.
“Take me home.”
“But we just got here. We should try to
“We are not going to be friends, Gerard. Not after what happened. Now take me home or I’m walking.”
He reached for my arm and I instantly jerked away.
“Fine,” I hissed and without waiting for his response I headed down the paved trail back to the parking lot. I could hear Gerard’s all-too-familiar walk behind me and this time he didn’t try to reach for my arm again. Good.
Instead of stopping at Gerard’s car, as I’m sure he expected I would do, I stalked past it and waiting impatiently to cross the street. Gerard called my name several times but I refused to acknowledge it. Cars raced up and down the street without any apparent notice of the girl on the sidewalk waiting to cross so she could go home and furiously demolish her boyfriend’s (ex boyfriend’s) teddy bear that he won for her at the fair. Just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse, they did. I felt a drop of rain on my bare shoulder. I glanced up at the heavens and felt two more drops on my forehead and cheek. Great.
Gerard’s car backed out of the parking space, I noticed out of the corner of my eye. He looked at me for a second, only a second, before disappearing down the block and out of sight. Apparently, my ass was walking. In the rain. With my incomplete circle. I was missing a piece now. It seemed like I would always be missing a piece.

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New Look! :)

I decided to completely transform the blog. I'm not sure why though...anyway, does it look better this way??

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Behind the Story

These two songs REALLY inspire me to write their story. Catch a glimpse of the song behind the title by Shinedown :)